Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Winn Rd, Brisbane QLD # Sunday, November 21, 2010

Went to church market where Sam is selling her cookies, brownies & cupcakes. Then brought my car to the garage for check-up some repairs. Then spent whole week buying camping gear, stuff to build my bed, gps, etc....
Bed is built with: 2 wooden boards, 7 wooden poles, 16 angle brackets and a dozen of screws. Today I also bought a foam matress fais sur mesure 1.3m x 1.8m bed linnen & a quilt & two pillows. Here some pictures of the result, more detailed pictures will come later on. Tomorrow I'm leaving Velge's home, I'm very excited to finally travel but also sad to leave this beautiful place & the whole family.

(PS: on these pictures you can't see the foam matress yet, these pictures were taken with the air bed installed, but it is way too thick (22cm), instead of my foam matress (5cm) so it looks like there isn't much space to sleep but actually there is way more. )

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