Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday, March 1, 2011, total distance: 5,328 miles (8.575 km)

  • Glenelg Australie-Méridionale 5045

    It's been 3 days I'm in Glenelg now, i'm tripping with some french guys waiting for Flo ( a german friend), to meet me up here on Sunday. I want to start my trip across the desert but I'm pretty sure its safer to have a couple hundred dollars more before leaving. I'm looking for a job for one week, if I can make 500$ that would be perfect. Also need to buy some special gear for in the desert (extra fuel & water tank, etc...). Met some great Auzzie's yesterday in a pub and they invited me for dinner tonight. I also met two very nice Dutch girls that are crossing the desert as well, so we agreed to follow each other in the desert so its safer. Should be allright.

  • Port Augusta Australie-Méridionale 5700

    And there we go ! Finally we started our roadtrip across Australia, from south to north. One of my tyres blew up on the highway, maybe not enough pressure in it was the cause, who knows ? But still, let's consider it a good training, better be able to do it before then get stuck in the desert :)

  • Flinders Ranges National Park

    Wilpena Pound, Hawker SA 5434, Australia  |  (08) 8648 0048
    Flinders Ranges National Park is a very famous and very beautiful NP. We met some Kangaroos as well on the campground. We didin't make the walk till Wilpena Pound because it was raining in the morning, but the scenic drive was awesome, enjoy the pictures.

  • Marree Australie-Méridionale 5733

    Marree, or the last stop before the Great Central Desert. Here starts the Oodnadatta Track. After buying some fuel and some food we start driving on the track, into the wild ! Amazing scenery, emptyness and silence :) But these bloody flies are everywhere ! And when they go to sleep the mosquitos come out ! Luckily we bought some flynets :). Next stop was William Creek, where we stopped at the Roadhouse. But the owner, Bruce, was a cranky bastard. So on the road again ! We camped at a very nice spot called Coward Springs, privately owned, and there was a very nice natural spa, check it out !

  • Oodnadatta Australie-Méridionale 5734

    Oodnadatta, or the Pink Roadhouse, very nice place :) We had a nice burger there and chilled out in the pool after our long drive, sadly the tyre repairer was gone to Adelaide, so I decided to not drive the third part of the Oodnadatta Track, but instead drive down till Coober Pedy. This was a 250km detour, but a safer option. at the end of the track, 10km away from Coober Pedy, the rain had made some severe damage to the road so the driving was pretty tough but I loved it ! Very nice drifting, 4WD straight into the flooded parts, => driving skills !! that's what I'm talking about ! Coober Pedy was a ghost town, with all the Abos walking around like zombies, amidst the opal miners, very weird ! 

  • Coober Pedy Australie-Méridionale 5723

  • Erldunda Territoire du Nord 0872

  • Yulara Territoire du Nord 0872

  • Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

    Park Manager, PO Box 119, Ayers Rock Uluru 0872, Australia  |  (08) 8956 2299
    Uluru ! Finally ! I dreamed to see it and here I am. Magical place. We even had the chance to see it under the rain !!! This happens only 6 days a year. Waterfalls pouring down Uluru's flanks, very nice ! Then I went to the rockhole close to Uluru's base and had a swim with some Abo's, amazing experience beautiful sunset after.
    Kata Tjuta (The Olgas), was awesome as well. We made a nice walk in the Gorges there, enjoy the pictures.

  • Parc national Watarrka

    Watarrka National Park, South-west of Alice Springs, 330 kilometres via the Red Centre Way, Kings Canyon NT 0872, Australia  |  (08) 8951 8250
    Kings Canyon, our next stop, was very beautiful as well. Sadly I didn't do the big walk on the ridgetops because it was too late in the day. I am very dissapointed about this because it is a wonderful walk..... but shit happens.

  • Glen Helen Gorge

    After Kings Canyon we headed on the Meereenie Loop Road to see the West MacDonnel Ranges. Very nice landscapes all the way. I couldn't take decent pictures of Glen Helen Gorge because there was a lot of water around so I couldnt get close enough.

  • Standley Chasm

    Standley Chasm is a very nice rock formation along the MacDonnel Ranges. Check out the pictures

  • Alice Springs Territoire du Nord 0870

    Alice Springs ! The first big town since a long time ago, but we didn't stay long. Just one night at a hostel to recharge the batteries, do some laundry and have a good night of sleep. Lot of Abo's hanging around, waiting for the bottle shops to open so they can buy some goon.

  • My original plan, was to do the Tanami Road to be able to do The Kimberleys, the Gibb River Road, Bungle Bungles National Park and Wolfe Creek Crater. But we had a money problem, so we had to take the stupid highway to join Darwin, the Tanami Road was closed to all traffic. So we stopped at Tennant Creek and Katherine, two ghost towns along the way with a lot of Abo's doing nothing.... The only nice place we stopped at was Daly Waters, a roadhouse and historical pub along the way. Had a couple of beers there and left our cricket bat as souvenir.

  • Darwin Territoire du Nord

    Darwin here we are ! After two weeks of amazing roadtrip, we finally arrived in Darwin. I found a nice hostel and now I am trying to find some work on the boats, or just a job via Manpower. Its a nice city here, tropical climat with sometimes heavy rain, but always warm. But these bloody crocodiles and box jellyfish make it impossible to enjoy the ocean !

Coorong National Park, Monday, February 28, 2011

The next day, I continued to follow the dirt roads, and I had an amazing ride in the bushland, still following the coast up north. Very nice drive till sadly I had to back on the highway again and arrived a couple of hours later in Glenelg, Adelaide.

Kingston Australie-Méridionale 5275 , Sunday, February 27, 2011

After Warrnambool I continued my trip alone, destination: Adelaide. 680kms. At first I drove inland on the Princess Highway, but then I checked my map and I noticed a nice road that was following the coast and I could see a nice national park along the coast as well. So I headed to Kingston SE (the crayfish town :p) to join that road. Once I arrived in Kingston, I bought some beer, had lunch and then continued north. I wanted to drive till a nice camping spot in the wild, close to the beach. And when I arrived there, after 30k of dirt road, I wasn't dissapointed :) Awesome beach, 4WD on the beach, amazing sunset :) Sweet !

Cape Otway Victoria 3233, Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cape Otway National Park is very beautiful, and driving in this wonderful nature along the Great Ocean Road is a real pleasure. Enjoy the pictures of the Erskine falls and from the koalas :) . Camping was at Blanket Bay, chill.

Port Campbell VIC 3269, Australia  |  13 1963

In the Ocean along the Port Campbell National Park you can see the 12 Apostles, the Gibson Steps, Mutton Island, etc.... All these places were very nice, but when a couple hundreds of Asians débarquent in their bloody busses, it just ruined it.... First time I experienced mass tourism here in Australia.

The end of the Great Ocean Road, met some nice Germans, dropped Louis (the french guy who i was travelling with) off at a hostel.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Byron Bay New South Wales 2481 # Saturday, January 15, 2011

Byron Bay, been there 5-6 times, and every time we love it ! You know what they say about it People stay for one day, then one week, then forever. We will miss your beautiful beaches, chill atmosphere, live music, great people. Awesome place !

Mundubbera QLD 4626 # Friday, January 7, 2011

After all the good times in Byron, time to find some fruitpicking work. Even if QLD was flooded, we were stupid to go to Mundubbera, the citrus capital. Very bad experience ! Being ripped off by a farmer isn't funny at all. Still we met 2 great German girls, Lisa & SIna. Mundubbera we won't miss you !

Byron Bay New South Wales 2481 # Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Back to Byron Bay for NYE !!!! We met some amazing Ozzies from QLD in the caravn park where Nick & Sara were staying. Thanks Deacon, Dazza, Azza, Twinky etc... for lettin us party with you guys !! Awesome ! NYE on the beach was great :) amazing jumps at the Quarry ! Enjoy